Saturday, January 22, 2011

Deli Oasis Ara Damansara - Soup and others..

Hot soup for a change..

Yes, here is our famous chicken and mushroom soup served with wedges and freshly baked breads so pluffy you would not resist. One serving is enough for a change in what you'd regularly eat for lunch or dinner...

Chicken & mushroom soup

Also you can try our new sardin puff, baked fresh upon request. That's what we mean by fresh from oven..

Sardin Puff

Or have a delightful taste of chicken fingers, made from boneless chicken fillets dipped in marinated herbs and fried to golden crispy perfection and served with fries, coleslaw and black pepper sauce...

Golden brown chicken fingers

Well, you can opt for the familiar dish, 150g beef burger (that is about 1/3rd lb beef!!), with creamy cheese and pickles...Your kids (plus the kid side of yours) will love it...

150g beef burger

Sick of non-Malaysian dishes? You are going to love our famous wok station dish, nasi goreng ayam dara...

Famous nasi goreng ayam dara

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